Magma Effect is the home in Britain and Ireland for the Minessence Values Framework.

Licenced values practitioners and members of the Minessence International Cooperative include:

Jackie Le Fèvre, Director, Magma Effectèvre/

Jackie writes on the topic of research and values in her blog

Jackie is the National Advisor on Values for Wellbeing Teams. Here are some blogs about the work she is doing in social care with Helen Sanderson and the rest of the team.

Bringing Our Values to Life

Initial development of values based recruitment

Introducing Values and Beliefs and Wellbeing Teams       

Core Values for Wellbeing Teams

Values in Induction

Louise Yates, Director, Clear Perspectives
Annie Lawrenson, Professional Doodler, Communicart
Tamaan Wilkinson, Business Development Consultant,
and Emily McArdle and Michelle Livesley of Wellbeing Teams

Some TED talks that are well worth a watch for anyone interested in values


We've updated our website, including our Podcast - 1st episode w. @MagmaEffect @ValuesDay, our brand new homepage & 'if it is in the root...' - helping us see beneath the surface of #SpacesofHope - check it out! @ChesterDiocese @ChesterCath @Sector3SK


Grateful for the opportunity to explore my personal values earlier this year with @MagmaEffect & @EmilyWBT 💜 Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom! #WorldValuesDay #aristotle #domoreofwhatyoulove

@lennonleahy78 @SLT_saltfiona @MagmaEffect @HelenHSAUK @EmilyWBT @wellbeingteams Thank you for taking part and sharing! 😀Happy #WorldValuesDay

Pleased to feature on the #WorldValuesDay blog today as @MagmaEffect and @matthewbarber_1 talk about #SpacesofHope and understanding our values, so what’s in the root, is expressed through the fruit.

A #worldvaluesday share from my archive - #values in practice in #recruitment - you might find they don’t function the way you think they might

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