Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation.

We believe that human beings are remarkable.

We believe that inside every individual there is crystal clarity about what really matters and makes for a meaningful life.

Based on our own first hand experience, we also believe that a values conscious, values aligned life makes the best use of the skills, talents, hopes and dreams each of us hold dear.

Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation.

We value:

Discovery - increasing understanding by being open to what lies under or within that which can be seen easily

Simplicity - minaturising complexity to arrive at practical, positive, energising solutions

Articulation - finding words to express ideas and insights that resonate and make coherent connections to practical application.


We harness values for insight through:





Leadership Development




Always so interesting to learn how someone has used the insights from their @Minessence #Values Framework profile. Here @CathC_Circles introduces me to a new word - Haltung 😃

Cath Barton@CathC_Circles

New blog with thanks to @EmilyWBT @HelenHSAUK @MagmaEffect
#socialpedagogy https://t.co/Xz7Fl97U4T

So glad Compassion is first & foremost amongst core #Values of @wellbeingteams by which we mean

"actively hearing and sensing another thoughts and feelings, being kind and finding empathetic ways to support individuals and each other to achieve positive outcomes" 👍@HelenHSAUK

Dave Ulrich@dave_ulrich

"Simple inattention kills empathy, let alone compassion. So the first step in compassion is to notice the other's need. It all begins with the simple act of attention." - Daniel Goleman

If you want to dig deep into VALUES the next quarterly meeting for the UK Values Alliance is in London on March 14 from 3-5 pm and it's FREE to go. You'll get to speak with expert such as @MagmaEffect and @Alan31Practices #values #personaldevelopement https://t.co/tJdrNI6RG3

Interesting programme involving different speakers 12th April - I'm doing the #values and #culture bit (no surprise there then!) thank you @NealChamberlai3 & @CIPDManchester for organising and @growthcouk for sponsoring https://t.co/vzKkLa7ery

Lots of good stuff! Have a look at the event on 14 March - I'm sharing insights from my #values and #storytelling projects from the last 2 years plus you get to meet a host of other interesting folk!

UK Values Alliance@ValuesUK

Our latest members' newsletter with a preview of of events for 2019 https://t.co/jvab0if8I4

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