Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation

We believe that human beings are remarkable.

We believe that inside every individual there is crystal clarity about what really matters and makes for a meaningful life.

Based on our own first hand experience, we also believe that a values conscious, values aligned life makes the best use of the skills, talents, hopes and dreams each of us hold dear.

Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation.

We value:

Discovery — increasing understanding by being open to what lies under or within that which can be seen easily

Simplicity — miniaturising complexity to arrive at practical, positive, energising solutions

Articulation — finding words to express ideas and insights that resonate and make coherent connections to practical application.

We harness value for insight through:







Organisational mapping

Completely @GerDriesen👍
We learn best when we both see 'the point' of the learning + 'the point' makes sense
We make sense of stuff through the lens of our personal #values (emotionally rich energetic ideas)
Might more conscious values alignment be a route to romance? #LDInsight

Ger Driesen@GerDriesen

#LDInsight that we need a ‘romantic revival’. The push on ROI, impact, learning in the flow of work feels like industrial revolution 2.0. Work is so much more than only rational and only related to financial results #meaning

Excellent advice! We love things that closely align with & honour our highest priority #values
We each have our own unique set of values making #InternalComms challenging BUT we are drawn to work in teams and organisations which chime with our values so that helps #prwinternal

Jane Fordham@Fordiham

‘Know what they love and talk to employees as humans,’ says Cary Rueda at @prweekuknews ‘Strategic Communications Conference’. #prwinternal

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