Values are universal - we all have them.

Each of us: you, me and everyone else have our own unique personal pattern of priority values.

Values are big, emotionally rich ideas that help us make sense of the world and our place in that world. Our values lie behind our choices and our behaviours. Our values shape how we feel about, respond and rise to both our daily life and our ultimate grand plan.

There are no good or bad values. Each value shows up to serve: to help us withstand or resolve something, to strengthen our relationships with others or our sense of connection with our own skills and talents .

Conscious connection with values has measurable positive impacts. Connection can increase innovation, productivity, trust, confidence and courage while reducing the harmful effects of stress and fear.

Values are hot stuff!


Absolutely - then reflect on whether your lived experience of the #values in action brings the outcomes you were seeking - every engine needs tuning from time to time

Susan A David, Ph.D.@SusanDavid_PhD

Once you’ve identified your values, you have to take them out for a spin.

Surely #creativity is one of the most important #values in a constantly changing world - @wellbeingteams use it to make the most of what the moment offers - that has #mentalhealth benefits for both carer and cared for #socialcare

Wellbeing Teams@wellbeingteams

We believe in the power of Creativity – the capacity and ingenuity to respond appropriately to seize opportunities without needing to be directed or instructed by others. Learn more:

This year the NHS is 70. Help spread the word about the positive impact research has on NHS services and more importantly, people's lives. Sign up to our #Thunderclap for #ICTD2018 and show your support for NHS health research #NHS70 #iamresearch

Thank you Rachel for the invite to write 👍🏼 I’m on my usual track and taking a dim view of illusiory core #values while wondering at #Carillion

Rachel Miller@AllthingsIC

Are the words on the wall your values? - new on my blog featuring @MagmaEffect

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